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Donald Trump on birthright citizenship in the US: It's frankly ridiculous

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he is “seriously looking” to end the legal right of citizenship for US-born children of non-citizens. “We are looking at birthright citizenship very seriously. It’s frankly ridiculous,” Trump commented on birthright citizenship, which grants automatic citizenship to those born in the US. “Birthright citizenship where you have a baby on our land, and it is now a US citizen, is something we’re looking at it very, very seriously,” Trump said. The 14th Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees birthright citizenship. Src:

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China Govt confirms stand against same-sex marriage

Encouraging marriage between a man and a woman will remain China’s legal position, a parliament spokesman said on Wednesday, condemning its neighbor Taiwan for allowing same-sex marriage. Taiwan’s parliament passed a bill in May that allowed same-sex marriage, after years of heated debate over marriage equality in Taiwan. China, claims Taiwan as its territory but there is hardly any chance that the government will legalize same-sex marriage. There have been cases in China of same-sex partners who lost their homes after one of them died, as they lacked the legal protection of marriage. Src:

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The Delhi protest is leaning towards violence after arresting Chandrashekhar Azad

Recently the country capital, Delhi is in the news for a massive protest against the demolition of a Ravidas temple. According to the police officials, the protesters set fire to two motorcycles and vandalised a police vehicle, causing injuries to a few policemen. In addition to this police officials said "Police lobbed tear gas shells and used mild lathi-charge to disperse the crowd. We have detained a few persons.” The protesters turned violent after Chandrashekhar Azad was arrested along with 50 other members. Src:


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Kerala: Court rules Dalit Christian death as ‘honour killing’, convicts 10 including wife’s family

A court in Kottayam on Thursday ruled that the death of Kevin P Joseph, a Dalit Christian man, was an ‘honor killing’ and convicted 10 accused persons including Kevin’s wife’s brother in the case. The punishment will be announced on Saturday. On May 24, 2018, Kevin had married Neenu Chacko in Kottayam, after severe opposition from Neenu’s family on account of his caste. Two days later, Kevin’s body was fished out of a canal near Thenmala in Kollam district. Kevin was forcibly made to drown in the canal. The ‘honor killing’ had led to state-wide protests. Src:

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