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At Maharashtra MPs meet, BJP president Amit Shah sends a stern message for Shiv Sena

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah has reportedly said that the party would not ‘unreasonably compromise’ just for the sake of an alliance with the Shiv Sena. Shah has asked party MPs from Maharashtra to be ready to fight ensuing Lok Sabha elections alone if the alliance with the Shiv Sena doesn’t materialise Shah, who chaired a meeting with the party’s Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs on Wednesday in New Delhi, told them to begin preparations for all the Lok Sabha seats in the state. He also clarified that though the party was positive about the alliance, the Sena would not be conceded unreasonable seats. “He told us that party MPs should effectively take the performance by central and state governments effectively,” said a Mumbai MP. Source:HT

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UP MLA says people feeling unsafe in India should be bombed

In a shocking statement, Uttar Pradesh’s MLA Vikram Saini said that people who feel unsafe in India should be bombed. “Give me a ministry and I will explode bombs behind those who aren’t loyal to the country,” he said. He added that army has several bombs and the minister, if given authority, will use it against those who aren’t loyal to the country. Source:HT

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On Rafale, Rahul Gandhi hurls 5Qs at Modi government, dares Nirmala Sitharaman to answer

On Rafale deal row, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is expected to respond to the debate in parliament today. As Lok Sabha resumed the debate on the Rafale fighter jet deal on Friday, Congress president Rahul Gandhi led a sharp attack on the government for the purchase that his party said, had been made after overruling reservations expressed by the defence and law ministries. The Congress said it was in possession of government documents that indicated questions had been raised about the deal within the government on the deal. These objections, Gandhi alleged, were overruled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “If there were objections in the defence ministry, we want to know on what basis did the Prime Minister overrule them,” said Gandhi. source:HT

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Rafale debate LIVE: ‘Don’t shed crocodile tears for HAL’, Nirmala Sitharaman to Congress

Congress misleading nation. They wanted 18 aircraft in fly-away condition and the rest to be manufactured in India. We are getting 36 in fly-away condition. The total number of 126 aircraft did not come down. Emergency purchases are only of two squadrons: Sitharaman source:HT

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