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Study suggests Coronavirus may have been in humans for years

According to findings published in the journal Nature Medicine, the novel Coronavirus could have possibly been transmitted from animals to humans much before it was first detected in Wuhan province of China. The study, which was conducted by an international team of scientists from Australia, Britain and the US, was released on March 17 in the scientific journal. Src:


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Inquiry ordered by govt after migrant workers get ‘chemical bath’ in UP

The Bareilly administration has order an inquiry after a group of migrant workers, who arrived in the Uttar Pradesh city after PM Modi ‘s announcement of 21 days lockdown of the country were made to squat on a road and then sprayed with chlorine-mixed water. Ashok Gautam, the nodal officer incharge of the Covid-19 mitigation group, confirmed that the migrants were sprayed with chlorine-mixed water, but maintained the step was necessary to contain a possible spread of COVID-19. Src:

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Govt clarifies India is not in community transmission phase of COVID-19

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare today has clarified that there is no coronavirus community transmission in India as number of Coronavirus cases in the country crosses 1000-mark. The Ministry assured that "India is still in local transmission phase." This comes after reports mentioned a government Standard Operating Procedure, which said that the "country is now in local transmission and limited community transmission phase of COVID-19". Src:

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A journalist in Himachal Pradesh booked for spreading fake news of Coronavirus lockdown

In Himachal Pradesh, a journalist has been booked for spreading fake news regarding plying of buses over the lockdown. The reported said in a social media post that buses were plying from Baddi police station to various parts of the state for stranded people. The journalist was booked under relevant sections of IPC and the NDMA Act. Himachal Pradesh has reported 3 cases of Coronavirus Src:

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