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Anjum Ansari doesn't stand with @PriyankaGandhi @AnjumAnsari 29 Jun 2019 At 06:55 PM

Criminals in UP are freely roaming: Priyanka Vadra slams UP CM

Congress leader Priyanka Vadra hit out at Yogi Adityanath over rising crimes in Uttar Pradesh. She accused Yogi Govt of surrendering in front of Criminals. Her tweet read, ”In whole UP criminals are roaming freely, doing whatever they wish. Criminal incidents continue to happen as BJP govt has turned deaf ears. Has UP government surrendered before criminals?”. Src:https://bit.ly/2LqyB9S

Do you stand with @PriyankaGandhi

I stand with @PriyankaGandhi

72 votes

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Anjum Ansari doesn't stand with @AsaduddinOwaisi @AnjumAnsari 29 Jun 2019 At 06:55 PM

2017 Alwar lynching: I urge Muslims of Rajasthan to stop supporting Congress, says Asaduddin Owaisi

AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi stated, "When Pehlu Khan was attacked, Congress denounced it. It is a condemnable act by the Ashok Gehlot government. I urge the Muslims of Rajasthan to stop supporting the Congress, which has always betrayed them." Owaisi further comparing Congress with BJP said, "Whenever they (Congress) come to power, they become a replica of the BJP. When they are in opposition, they shed crocodile tears." Owaisi's statement came after the police charged-sheeted Khan and his sons under various sections of Rajasthan Bovine Animal Act, 1995. Src: https://bit.ly/2KNMdMK

Do you stand with @AsaduddinOwaisi

I stand with @AsaduddinOwaisi

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Anjum Ansari doesn't stand with @ManojTiwari @AnjumAnsari 29 Jun 2019 At 06:55 PM

Anti-Romeo squads are good, should be started in Delhi: Delhi BJP Chief

Uttar Pradesh's anti-Romeo squads have got the support from the Delhi BJP MP Manoj Tiwari. The functioning of the anti-Romeo squads is so impressive to the point that he wants to dispatch them in Delhi. Tiwari stated, "Anti-Romeo squad is an excellent thing and it has started in Uttar Pradesh again. It should be welcomed as it is related to women safety. In my opinion, it should get started in Delhi also." In 2017, Anti-Romeo squads were built to check stalkers and eve-teasers in Uttar Pradesh soon after Yogi Adityanath assumed the office of the CM. In Uttar Pradesh, after crimes against women have ascended in Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath ordered to re-activate the anti-Romeo squads. Scr: https://bit.ly/2LwxZjb

Do you stand with @ManojTiwari

I stand with @ManojTiwari

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Anjum Ansari reacted Sad @AnjumAnsari 29 Jun 2019 At 06:56 PM

J&K: Clash among militant groups exposes

Recently a fight was broke between the militant group and border officials in the South Kashmir. In this clash, A commander of the Islamic State Jammu Kashmir (ISJK) who supports A commander of the Islamic State Jammu Kashmir (ISJK) was killed. In addition to this, a Hizbul militant was severely injured. The senior officials have informed, “We have arrested a terrorist belonging to Hizbul Mujahideen, who was wounded in the firefight. The fight started because of some issue regarding weapons. The injured terrorist is in hospital.” Src: https://bit.ly/2FFdAod


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