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Chandan nayak reacted Great @Chandannayak 10 Aug 2019 At 01:06 AM

Arun Jaitley admitted to AIIMS over breathing problems: Report

The 66-year-old, former Finance Minister, Mr Arun Jaitley was admitted to Delhi's AIIMS hospital today. The reason behind this is said to be the breathing problems, palpitations and restlessness, as per the media reports. Also, the reports told he was admitted to the Cardio-Neuro-Centre of the hospital around 10 AM today. Mr Jaitely, in May 2019 had opted to step down from his throne due to his health issues. Src: https://bit.ly/2KqC7Qs


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Chandan nayak doesn't stand with @BJPGovt @Chandannayak 10 Aug 2019 At 01:06 AM

Jammu: Section 144 withdrawn from the district, school & colleges will open from tomorrow

It has been recently confirmed that Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), which had been imposed in Jammu district since Monday has ended today. After 5 days it has been ended by the Deputy Magistrate, Sushma Chauhan. From tomorrow all the schools, colleges and academic institutions have been asked to resume their functioning. Although it has been ended in Kashmir, the section 144 is still in force. Src: https://bit.ly/2YCbXmx

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Chandan nayak doesn't stand with @HangInPublic @Chandannayak 10 Aug 2019 At 01:06 AM

Bihar: Two minor girls raped, murdered in Katihar

In Bihar's Katihar region, two minor girls were allegedly raped and then murdered by an unknown person in Ahmadabad village. According to the police, the two minors were cousins and went missing after they went out of their homes to pluck "parwal" (pointed gourd). The police further said that the bodies of the minor girls were recovered in the bushes during a search operation. A senior police officer added that a person has been arrested in connection with the episode. Src: https://bit.ly/2KpB43v

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Chandan nayak stand with @IndianSecurityForces @Chandannayak 10 Aug 2019 At 01:06 AM

Bihar: Three extremists of North-East based insurgent group arrested

In Bihar's Patna region, the police have arrested three extremists of a North-East based insurgent group. According to the police, after receiving information, a joint team of Patna Police and Manipur Police arrested the insurgents. The insurgents have been identified as Sapam Kangleipal Meetei (37), Wahengham Thoi Luwang (36), and Kangabam Roshan Singh (27), who are residents of Manipur, said police. The insurgency groups involve multiple armed separatist factions operating in India's north-eastern states. Some factions favour a separate state while others seek regional self-governance. Src: https://bit.ly/2MPNlj7