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Citizens Perception doesn't stand with @DelhiGovernment @CitizensPerception 14 Aug 2019 At 10:46 AM

CBSE board restored the board examination fees hike

Recently the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) had declared of enhancing the fees for class X and XII students for general and SC/ST students. For class 10th and 12th students by 24 times for SC/ST category from Rs.50 to Rs 1,200. For General category students, the fee has been doubled from Rs. 750 to Rs. 1,500 for five subjects. But after the oppose of All Indian Parents Association the CBSE board had restored the fees to Rs 50 for SC/ST students in Delhi government schools. The Delhi government will cover rest of the fees, said the media reports. CBSE board had given multiple reasons to back their hike decision. Let us know if you stand with the Delhi government's move? Src: https://bit.ly/2YK0nG4

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Citizens Perception stand with @SaveWater @CitizensPerception 20 Jun 2019 At 10:24 AM

No drinking water will be available by 2030 if we don't conserve now: Report

As per a NITI Ayog report, 21 Indian cities including Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad, will deplete their groundwater by 2020, which will affect around 100 million people. Also, by 2030, 40% of the Indian population will have no access to drinking water. In Chennai, three rivers, four water bodies, five wetlands, and six forests have dried completely. Former Director of National Water Academy Prof. Manohar Khushalani said, "Together, the govt. and the people need to take charge to save water." He further stated that harvesting rainwater will be more effective if practiced by a large number of individuals. Khushalani added that we can revert the impending danger if we become more aware today." #savewater #waterconservation #spreadawareness

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Citizens Perception stand with @IndianNavy @CitizensPerception 20 Jun 2019 At 10:24 AM

Indian Navy MARCOS official rescues mother-daughter from Kashmir's Wular lake

In Jammu and Kashmir's Bandipora district, The Indian Navy's MARCOS officials saved mother-daughter duo after their boat stacked with domestic items flipped in the Wular lake. As per the official, the rescued were identified as Rafiqa Begum and her daughter Laali who were going towards Sopore. The two MARCOS drivers swung into action when they got to know about the incident and rescued them. MARCOS is the Special Force Unit of the Indian Navy, which was assembled to organise special rescue operations in a maritime surrounding.

Kudos to @IndianNavy

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Citizens Perception stand with @FightAgainstAes @CitizensPerception 20 Jun 2019 At 10:25 AM

Bihar Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) death toll hits 113

The situation in Bihar is getting worse day by day. The death toll by Acute Encephalitis Syndrome has reached to 113 as per the fresh count. Also, The number of children admitted to the Shri Krishna Medical College and Hospital in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district with AES is 372 since June 1. Irked by the deaths, a Muzaffarpur resident has filed a petition at a local court against the government officials including CM Nitish Kumar, his deputy Sushil Modi, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, Minister of State Ashwini Choubey and State Health Minister Mangal Pandey.

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