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Gourang Gupta stand with @RahulGandhi @GourangGupta 14 Aug 2019 At 12:07 AM

Rahul Gandhi to J&K Governor: Will come to J&K, but will need permission to travel

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday finally responded to Satya Pal Malik who slammed him for his comments on Kashmir. Gandhi was speaking about reports of violence in the Kashmir valley. In response, Malik invited Rahul Gandhi to come to J&K. He proposed to send a plane for Gandhi to observe the situation. Rahul Gandhi on his return from flood-hit Wayanad, said, “ I will take you up on your gracious invitation to visit J&K and Ladakh”. Gandhi added that the opposition would need an aircraft as well as permission to travel safely in the state. Src:https://bit.ly/2N0V1PB

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Gourang Gupta doesn't stand with @HarshVardhanShringla @GourangGupta 14 Aug 2019 At 12:07 AM

India’s envoy to US Harsh Vardhan Shringla: Trump’s Kashmir mediation proposal not on table anymore

Ambassador Harsh Vardhan Shringla said on Monday that America’s policy on Kashmir remains no intervention, and said, “President Trump has made it very clear that his offer to mediate on Jammu and Kashmir is dependent on both India and Pakistan accepting it. Since India has not accepted the offer of mediation, he has made it clear that this is not on the table anymore,” Shringla stated. He also said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres wants the issue to be resolved bilaterally. Src: https://bit.ly/2YM0RvA

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Gourang Gupta voted "Yes" @GourangGupta 09 Aug 2019 At 08:08 PM

Should Meteorological department be held responsible for inaccurate weather predictions which results in financial losses of people?

Sattar Patel, a farmer from Latur, Maharashtra filed a complaint against Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) for giving wrong weather forecast that resulted in financial losses. Sattar and his fellow farmers demanded police to book IMD under section 420 of IPC. Do you think it is right to blame the Department?

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Gourang Gupta stand with @HangInPublic @GourangGupta 09 Aug 2019 At 08:11 PM

Bihar: Two minor girls raped, murdered in Katihar

In Bihar's Katihar region, two minor girls were allegedly raped and then murdered by an unknown person in Ahmadabad village. According to the police, the two minors were cousins and went missing after they went out of their homes to pluck "parwal" (pointed gourd). The police further said that the bodies of the minor girls were recovered in the bushes during a search operation. A senior police officer added that a person has been arrested in connection with the episode. Src: https://bit.ly/2KpB43v

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