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Gourang Gupta stand with @IndianSecurityForces @GourangGupta 09 Aug 2019 At 08:11 PM

Bihar: Three extremists of North-East based insurgent group arrested

In Bihar's Patna region, the police have arrested three extremists of a North-East based insurgent group. According to the police, after receiving information, a joint team of Patna Police and Manipur Police arrested the insurgents. The insurgents have been identified as Sapam Kangleipal Meetei (37), Wahengham Thoi Luwang (36), and Kangabam Roshan Singh (27), who are residents of Manipur, said police. The insurgency groups involve multiple armed separatist factions operating in India's north-eastern states. Some factions favour a separate state while others seek regional self-governance. Src: https://bit.ly/2MPNlj7

Gourang Gupta stand with @BJPGovt @GourangGupta 09 Aug 2019 At 08:09 PM

Massive Curfew in Kashmir eased for Friday prayers

India-controlled Kashmir has been under an unprecedented security lockdown since Sunday to prevent unrest as the government announced it was revoking its special constitutional status and stripping of it of its statehood. Thousands of people have been forced indoors, shops and even most health clinics remain shuttered. All communications and the internet have been cut off. Restrictions were eased by the Centre to allow people in Kashmir to offer Friday prayers in local mosques, officials said as security forces were put on high alert across the Valley in an apparent move to prevent possible protests. The decision to ease the restrictions was taken after National Security Advisor Ajit Doval directed authorities to ensure that no Kashmiris were harassed. Src: https://bit.ly/2yTLfXf

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Gourang Gupta stand with @UNSC @GourangGupta 09 Aug 2019 At 08:11 PM

In UNSC resolution: Pak can vote on Kashmir issue after withdrawing all troops from valley

Pakistan may be pressing for United Nations intervention in the Kashmir issue, but what sabotages Pakistan's argument to seek a vote in the Indian state, is a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution. According to the resolution, the UNSC states that for holding a vote in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan has to withdraw its troops as well as Pakistan nationals who may have been settled in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) for 'the purpose of fighting'. So the presence of Pakistani troops, as well as residents now settled in Pok, is the basic hurdle in carrying out any action in Kashmir. Src: https://bit.ly/2YBJCgu

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Gourang Gupta stand with @HarishSalve @GourangGupta 09 Aug 2019 At 08:11 PM

Can Article 370's revocation be challenged in court? Advocate of Kulbhushan Jadhav case, Harish Salve explains

The government has withdrawn the special status of Jammu and Kashmir via a Presidential notification. Section 144 has been imposed in the Valley and questions are being raised on the legal aspects regarding the abrogation of Article 370. Former advocate general Harish Salve explained that "Article 370 was brought in at a time when the Constitution was not fully implemented in Kashmir. Certain powers were given to Kashmir. As the Section says, it was a temporary provision. That's how the state started the process of applying the process of the Constitution. Monday's Presidential order which people say takes away the fundamental rights was amended by a Presidential order, which says that the whole of the Indian Constitution applies to Jammu and Kashmir. Any public-minded person who feels that the abrogation of Article 370 is unconstitutional for any reason has the power to challenge it. If Article 370 was to be deleted, Parliament would be taking away the power to introduce the Constitution in J&K. The government has used the power of 370 to introduce the whole Constitution instead of bits and pieces. SRC: https://bit.ly/2YYduCO

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