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Is PM Modi considered a good leader Globally?

TIME Magazine, an Internationally acclaimed magazine did a controversial cover story on Narendra Modi, stating him as ’divider in Chief’. The magazine story accused Modi of failing to abridge the gap between religious divides in India and demeaned other political candidates of the party. The Magazine referred Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath a “hate-mongering priest in robes of saffron”.

Do you support congress' NYAY scheme?

The Congress Party’s 2019 election manifesto has promised a ‘Minimum Income Guarantee Scheme’ (MIGS), formally called Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY), to five crore ‘poorest families ’ covering 25 crore people by assuring them a guaranteeing minimum income of ₹6,000 per month or ₹72,000 a year. Vote with given option and invite your friends to see results of this poll by sharing it in your circles.

Do you want to see Narendra Modi as PM again?

Lokshaba election is just a few days away. Your one vote can make a difference and change PM along with the center government. Click on 'YES' or 'NO' and join this poll. Share this poll in your circle so they can vote and see the results.