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Naushad Ahmad reacted Sad @NaushadAhmad120874 12 Aug 2019 At 10:39 PM

Uttar Pradesh: 32 children die due to unknown infection in Budauns hospital

At least 32 children died in the last 50 days due to an outbreak of an unknown infection in Badaun District Women Hospital. Medical Superintendent of Women Hospital, Rekha Rani said, " Since last one month the admission of kids has increased drastically and patients with multiple organ failure are dying within 24 hours." In 50 days, 32 children have died in this hospital. However, many kids are bringing infection from outside and the hospital is not responsible solely. The only problem the hospital is facing is that there are lesser warmers, so one warmer is shared by 2-3 children. Src: https://bit.ly/33r8c2c


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Naushad Ahmad doesn't stand with @ImranKhan @NaushadAhmad120874 12 Aug 2019 At 10:30 PM

Pakistan PM Imran Khan: India is trying to change demography of Kashmir

Pakistan PM Imran Khan on Sunday alleged that there were efforts to “change the demography” of Kashmir and alleged “ethnic cleansing. Khan tweeted that the RSS’s ideology of “Hindu supremacy” will lead to the “suppression of Muslims in India and eventually lead to the targeting of Pakistan”. India still maintains that Kashmir is an internal matter, and did not react to these statements. Separately, Khan called Iranian President Hassan Rouhani seeking his support. Rouhani, while calling for peace, also stressed that Kashmiri Muslims use their legal rights to live in peace. Src: https://bit.ly/2YSdX9V

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Naushad Ahmad doesn't stand with @DelhiHighCourt @NaushadAhmad120874 12 Aug 2019 At 10:30 PM

Delhi High Court: Plant 50 trees, HC punishes power theft accused

The Delhi HC directed a man to plant 50 trees for it to close criminal proceedings against him in a power theft case. Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva assigned the man to plant 50 trees within a month in several parks in Delhi. The court passed the order on a man’s plea challenging framing of charges against him for the offense of electricity theft. The electricity department had lodged a complaint of electricity theft found in the premises of the man, whereby a wire was connected directly to the public pole outside his shop. Src:https://bit.ly/33u6tJt

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Naushad Ahmad doesn't stand with @SanjeevNarayan @NaushadAhmad120874 12 Aug 2019 At 10:31 PM

It was unfortunate: IAF officer Sanjeev Narayan who shot down Pak maritime jet carrying 16 Pak nationals in 1999

Twenty years ago — on August 10, 1999 — the Indian Air Force shot down an obtrusive Pakistani maritime surveillance aircraft in Gujarat. The downing of the naval aircraft left five officers and 11 sailors dead aggravated the tension between the nuclear-armed subcontinental rivals. “We didn’t expect so many to be on the aircraft. It was unfortunate", Flight Lieutenant Sanjeev Narayanan, in charge of shooting the aircraft, said. At an Air Force base, two Pakistani MiG-21 aircraft were spotted. Radar signatures showed that the aircraft was heading into Indian Territory, and it was carrying offensive weapons inside India's territory, so they were given permission to engage. Src: https://bit.ly/2P1UUX0

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