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Neeshu Sharma doesn't stand with @UPGovt @NeeshuSharma 25 Aug 2019 At 11:52 AM

5 journalists booked under Gangster Act: For using their media companies to spread negativity about cops in UP

The Uttar Pradesh police have booked five journalists under the Gangsters Act for allegedly putting pressure on police personnel and using their media outfits for personal gains. The police have arrested four of the accused on Saturday. The gang used their influence as media persons and they used to put undue pressure on officials to prevent them from carrying out their lawful duty and make personal temporal and material gains out of the allegations. The accused were also circulating content on their news portals, social media and WhatsApp. Src:https://bit.ly/2UbjK5H

Do you stand with @UPGovt

I stand with @UPGovt

53 votes

I don’t

104 votes

Neeshu Sharma doesn't stand with @SatyaPalMalik @NeeshuSharma 25 Aug 2019 At 11:52 AM

Invited Rahul Gandhi out of goodwill, he politicised the issue: Satya Pal Malik

Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik said that he had invited Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to Kashmir out of goodwill but he started politicising the J&K issue. He further said Rahul Gandhi should have spoken when his colleague was speaking in Parliament after the Centre abrogated Article 370 from the region and "There is no need for him now" . Malik's statement came hours after a delegation of opposition leaders including Rahul Gandhi was denied permission to step out of Srinagar airport and was sent back. Src:https://bit.ly/2MCb6fv

Do you stand with @SatyaPalMalik

I stand with @SatyaPalMalik

66 votes

I don’t

105 votes

Neeshu Sharma stand with @PakistanGovt @NeeshuSharma 21 Aug 2019 At 05:32 PM

Pak Govt writes to UN demanding Priyanka Chopra's removal as the Goodwill Ambassador for peace

The Govt of Pakistan has issued a letter to United Nation (UN) asking them to remove Priyanka Chopra from the position of Goodwill Ambassador for Peace over her statement on Kashmir issue. The letter read, "I wish to draw your attention to the issue of Ms. Priyanka Chopra whom you have appointed as a UN Goodwill Ambassador for Peace has publicly endorsed Indian govt position and also supported the nuclear threat issued to Pakistan by the Indian Defence Minister". It further continues, "Her jingoism and support for violations by the Modi govt of international conventions and UNSC resolutions on Kashmir undermine the credibility of the UN position to which she has been elevated. Unless she is removed immediately, the very idea of an UN Goodwill Ambassador for Peace becomes a mockery globally". Src: https://bit.ly/2MuLBN5

Do you stand with @PakistanGovt

I stand with @PakistanGovt

48 votes

I don’t

195 votes

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Neeshu Sharma doesn't stand with @StopChildAbuse @NeeshuSharma 16 Aug 2019 At 07:14 AM

Uttar Pradesh: 16-year-old girl found hanging, landlord and his son held

Recently the UP police have arrested a father and son duo for allegedly choking a 16-year-old girl to death who rented their place. As per the media reports it has been claimed that the duo had choked her and hung her to fake it like a suicide. The reports also informed that the girl had threatened to tell her parents about the landlord's son allegedly blackmailing and sexually assaulting her. Src: https://bit.ly/2TCi7NL

Do you stand with @StopChildAbuse

I stand with @StopChildAbuse

70 votes

I don’t

58 votes