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Niharika Verma stand with @FarmersPlight @NiharikaVerma 21 Jun 2019 At 04:55 PM

Over 12,000 Maharashtra farmers committed suicide in 3 years: Central Government

More than 12,000 farmers have committed suicide in Maharashtra between 2015 and 2018. Of these, 6,888 cases were found to be qualified for government aid after an inquiry by the district-level committee. So far, family members of 6,845 farmers have been given financial assistance of Rs 1 Lakh each. Between January and March 2019, 610 farmers have killed themselves-192 cases of these were eligible for financial assistance. Among the 192 eligible cases, financial reimbursement has been given to the relatives of 182. The remaining cases are being inspected to check the financial reimbursement eligibility.

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Niharika Verma stand with @GoaEducationDept @NiharikaVerma 21 Jun 2019 At 04:56 PM

Goa: Schools To Discourage Use of Tik Tok and PUBG

The education department of the Goa government has directed schools to discourage students from downloading Tik Tok and PUBG. The directions were issued following recommendations of the Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights. Parents Teachers Associations are recommended to create awareness about the issue of "safety and security of children in Goa". The Madras High Court, in May, had imposed a ban on the video-sharing app in response to a petition. The petition had alleged that Tik Tok could make pornographic content easily accessible. The ban was later lifted.

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Niharika Verma stand with @RaghuvanshSingh @NiharikaVerma 20 Jun 2019 At 09:56 PM

May be gone to watch WC’19: RJD leader on Tejashwi Yadav's absence amid AES Epidemic in Bihar

RJD Vice President Raghuvansh Prasad Singh ridiculed Tejashwi’s absence in Bihar amid Acute Encephalitis Syndrome outbreak in the state. Singh said, ”Don’t know, he must have gone to watch Cricket World Cup”. Singh further demanded CM Nitish Kumar’s resignation as a moral responsibility for failing to control the deaths of Children in the state.

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Niharika Verma stand with @HaryanaPolice @NiharikaVerma 20 Jun 2019 At 09:56 PM

Man who masturbated on Women at Metro Station in Gurugram arrested

The Haryana Police has arrested a 25-year-old man who allegedly flashed and masturbated on women outside the Huda City Metro station in Gurugram. The accused identified as Dinesh has been booked under pertinent IPC sections.