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Pekal stand with @Yeddyurappa @Pekal 01 Jul 2019 At 05:05 PM

Karnataka: After Cong MLA Quits, Yeddyurappa Open to Forming New Govt if Congress-JDS Ties Break

The coalition government in Karnataka suffered a jolt on Monday after Anand Singh, Congress MLA from Vijayanagar, resigned. The MLA refused to disclose the reasons for his resignation. JD(S) leader and chief minister H D Kumaraswamy reacted on social media. " I am watching all the developments. BJP is daydreaming to destabilize the government," Kumaraswamy tweeted. Karnataka BJP chief and former chief minister BS Yeddyurappa hinted at a coalition if the Congress-JD(S) government falls. "We will explore the possibilities of forming the new government but there is no question of fresh elections," he stated. Src-https://bit.ly/323PGfy

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Pekal stand with @NarendraModi @Pekal 01 Jul 2019 At 05:04 PM

PM Modi Urges Listeners to Conserve Water In Mann Ki Baat 2.0

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged people to start conserving water on Mann Ki Baat 2.0. “I appeal to all Indians to create awareness on water conservation. Share the knowledge of traditional methods of water conservation," Modi exhorted listeners. Modi has formed a new ministry, Jal Shakti to provide safe and clean drinking water to everyone. The Prime Minister said he had recently written to all Gram Pradhans on the importance of water conservation and how to create awareness on the subject. Src-https://bit.ly/2J1Lplo

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Pekal stand with @WomenEmpowerment @Pekal 01 Jul 2019 At 05:07 PM

Only 1 in 3 women take their own investment decisions

Despite growing awareness for financial independence among women, only 33% take their own investment decisions, Of these, only 30% did so of their own volition, while most were prodded by their spouses or parents. The survey, conducted by DSP Mutual Fund showed that 13 percent of women were forced to make investment decisions due to their husband's death or divorce, while only 30 percent chose this path because they wanted to. Husbands played a bigger role in introducing investing to women (40 percent) as compared to fathers (27 percent). Src- https://bit.ly/2J2zWCd

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Pekal stand with @Congress @Pekal 01 Jul 2019 At 05:07 PM

BJP Govt Crushes Freedom of Media: Congress Hits Out After Reports of Ad Curbs in Newspapers

The Congress on Sunday attacked the government after media reports claimed that the government has stopped providing advertisements to some newspapers critical of its certain policies and actions. Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala tagged some of the reports to claim that the government had stopped advertisements to newspapers for "exposing Rafale scam", and for reporting on violations by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "BJP government crushes freedom of media and indulges in sheer vindictiveness by freezing ads to newspapers," he tweeted. "This is Modi 2.0 for you!" Src-https://bit.ly/2J1Lplo

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