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Prashanth Monappa Rai stand with @AfghanistanGovt @PrashanthMonappaRai 06 Aug 2019 At 11:07 PM

As US-Taliban talks yield no results, Afghan team set to meet Taliban

A new Afghan government-led team is set to "meet face to face" with the Taliban, to achieve lasting peace in the country. Afghanistan's Charge d'Affaires in India, Tahir Qadiry, said at an interaction at the Foreign Correspondent Club of South Asia, that the team will also have "women members". His remarks come at a time, when talks between the US and the Taliban have been going on for 3 days, with no indication that any deal between the countries has been reached. The US delegation and the Taliban are meeting in Doha, Qatar to discuss the presence of American troops in Afghanistan. Src: https://bit.ly/2YNfihZ

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I stand with @AfghanistanGovt

40 votes

I don’t

68 votes

Prashanth Monappa Rai stand with @NorthKorea @PrashanthMonappaRai 06 Aug 2019 At 11:13 PM

North Korea threatens US-South Korea hostility, launches more missiles

North Korea fired missiles into the sea off its east coast for the fourth time in less than two weeks, the South Korean military said on Tuesday. The North, criticizing the US-South Korean drills, has fired a series of missiles and rockets since its leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump agreed to revive stalled denuclearisation talks. Pyongyang threatened that if South Korea and the United States continue with hostile military moves, 'it will be compelled to seek a new road as indicated" Src:https://bit.ly/2GRrGmU

Do you stand with @NorthKorea

I stand with @NorthKorea

38 votes

I don’t

60 votes

Prashanth Monappa Rai stand with @PledgeToSaveWater @PrashanthMonappaRai 06 Aug 2019 At 11:08 PM

Reports state that India is facing 'extremely high' water stress, very close to "Day Zero"

India is one of the 17 countries that constitute a quarter of the world's population. It also faces an "extremely high" water shortage, close to "Day Zero" conditions when the taps will not have any water left, stated a report on Tuesday. India ranked 13 on a list of "extremely highly" water-stressed countries and has more than three times the population of the other 16 countries in this category combined. Aqueduct sheds are a new discovery that sheds light on hot spots for water risk around the world, and also includes 13 indicators of water risk, including groundwater availability. Src: https://bit.ly/2M3XNE2

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I stand with @PledgeToSaveWater

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I don’t

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Prashanth Monappa Rai doesn't stand with @ShashiTharoor @PrashanthMonappaRai 06 Aug 2019 At 11:31 PM

Shashi Tharoor on Article 370 Abrogation: It is an assault on our democratic practice

After Home Minister Amit Shah tabled the resolution to abrogate Article 370, in Lok Sabha on Tuesday, the House saw a terse exchange of words. MP from Thiruvananthapuram, Shashi Tharoor claimed that the abrogation of the Article is an assault on our democratic practice. He said," We all remember the last time the PM unleashed a decision on the nation which was also initially applauded for his decisiveness, and that was the disaster of demonetization". He further alleged that it was a 'Black Day" as two former Jammu and Kashmir CMs- Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti are under arrest. Src:https://bit.ly/31l0ZPq

Do you stand with @ShashiTharoor

I stand with @ShashiTharoor

38 votes

I don’t

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