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Priyanka Gupta doesn't stand with @HangInPublic @PriyankaGupta121506 21 Aug 2019 At 11:56 AM

Bihar: A group of armed men tied a doctor to tree, gang-raped his wife and teenage daughter

Recently a group of armed men tied a doctor to a tree and took turns to gangrape his wife and 15-year-old daughter in front of him. As per the media reports, the doctor was returning home from his private clinic with his wife and daughter over his motorcycle. The wife of Dr said, “I urged them (perpetrators) to take away all our valuables and let us go, but still they took turns to do this (rape) with me and my daughter on an open agricultural field beside the road." As of now, 20 people have been held inside the custody. Let us know in the comments what should be done with these culprits. Src: https://bit.ly/2Z3UC6l

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I stand with @HangInPublic

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Priyanka Gupta doesn't stand with @StopMobLynching @PriyankaGupta121506 21 Aug 2019 At 11:57 AM

Uttar Pradesh: 2 men thrashed, their car set on fire on suspicion of child-lifting

In Uttar Pradesh's Agra city, 2 persons (Khereswar Prasad and Praveen Kumar) on a suspicion of them being child-lifter, were pulled out from the car and brutally thrashed by a furious mob. According to the media reports, the victims were quickly hurried to the hospital and Kumar's condition is said to be critical. The mob has even set the victim's car on fire. The police have arrested eight persons from the mob-related to this matter and they have been identified as Rajvee, Kailash, Suresh, Mukesh, Rajeev, Sumit, Rajveer, and Vinod. The police said that the accused have been booked under section 147, 307, 323, 435, 504, and 506 of the IPC. Src: https://bit.ly/30n689x

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I stand with @StopMobLynching

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Priyanka Gupta doesn't stand with @AvengeTheSacrifice @PriyankaGupta121506 21 Aug 2019 At 11:57 AM

J&K: Terrorist killed in 1st encounter since Article 370 revocation

Sadly, in a fire exchange, an SPO of Jammu and Kashmir police official named Billal had lost his life, while a sub-inspector, Amardeep Parihar was severely injured in Baramulla district on Tuesday night. In this exchange, a terrorist known as Momin Gojri, was shot dead during the first encounter between security forces and terrorists ever since Article 370 revocation. The number of ceasefire violations by Pakistan across the LoC has also increased. Src: https://bit.ly/2KMrzeQ

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I stand with @AvengeTheSacrifice

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Priyanka Gupta stand with @AsaduddinOwaisi @PriyankaGupta121506 21 Aug 2019 At 11:57 AM

"Is US President A Chowdhary ?": Asaduddin Owaisi On PM-Trump Conversation

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi reacted strongly to India’s decision to discuss the Kashmir issue with US President Donald Trump. His comments came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Donald Trump over the phone on Monday to discuss the regional developments after the Centre's decision to scrap Jammu and Kashmir's special status. Owaisi said, "Our Prime Minister complained to Trump over the phone. Who is Trump for us? Is he is a policeman of the whole world or is some Chowdhary?". Earlier Trump had spoken to Pakistan's PM Imran Khan and asked him to resolve issues with India bilaterally. Src: https://bit.ly/2NkOWhb

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I stand with @AsaduddinOwaisi

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