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Rao Monu stand with @MohdAamirRashid @RaoMonu 13 Aug 2019 At 02:27 PM

Muslim Association leader offers cash reward for blackening P Chidambaram's face over his Article 370 remark

Muslim Youth Association chief Mohammad Aamir Rashid of Aligarh district has declared a cash reward for anyone who blackens P Chidambaram's face. Rashid said that Chidambaram's comment is detrimental to Hindu-Muslim unity and he will give Rs 21,000 to anyone as an Eid gift for blackening Chidambaram's face. This came after P. Chidambaram stated that, "BJP wouldn't have touched Article 370 if Kashmir was a Hindu-dominated region. Because of the Islamic majority, the BJP did it". Src: https://bit.ly/2ORbUPq

Do you stand with @MohdAamirRashid

I stand with @MohdAamirRashid

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Rao Monu doesn't stand with @RamdasAthawale @RaoMonu 13 Aug 2019 At 02:28 PM

Ramdas Athawale donates Rs 50 lakh from MP fund for relief work in Sangli and Kolhapur district

State Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment in Maharashtra, Ramdas Athawale announced that he will give Rs 50 lakh from his MP Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) fund for relief work in the flood-affected Kolhapur and Sangli districts of Maharashtra. He added that the two districts are facing floods from the last eight days and has urged other MPs and MLAs to help people affected by the floods. Src: https://bit.ly/2KHWyrd

Rao Monu stand with @SJaishankar @RaoMonu 13 Aug 2019 At 02:28 PM

Kashmir 'internal matter', won't have implications on boundaries with China: S Jaishankar

After China's objection to the formation of Ladakh as Union Territory, India's External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said to his Chinese counterpart Wang yi that Kashmir is an internal matter and the government's decisions in the state will have no implication on boundaries with China. He further said, "The legislative measures (in Jammu and Kashmir) were aimed at promoting better governance and socio-economic development. India was not raising any additional territorial claims". Src: https://bit.ly/2Z1T87C

Do you stand with @SJaishankar

I stand with @SJaishankar

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I don’t

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