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Sheela doesn't stand with @MamataBanerjee @Sheela116745 29 Jul 2019 At 09:48 PM

Didi Ke Bolo: West Bengal CM announces new campaign to connect with the people

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has announced a toll-free number and a website to connect with the people. Banerjee stated that the TMC is starting a new campaign "Didi Ke Bolo" to connect with the people to hear what they have to say. She further said that there is a phone number as a part of the campaign. Banerjee added that in the coming 100 days all TMC leaders will travel to 10,000 villages and will listen to the people, have a meal with the villagers and also spend a night with them. TMC has also propelled didikebolo.com, where citizens can log in and post their complaints. Src: https://bit.ly/2YzlTMQ

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I stand with @MamataBanerjee

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Sheela doesn't stand with @NarendraModi @Sheela116745 29 Jul 2019 At 09:48 PM

I have lived in mountains: PM Modi on why he agreed to do Man vs Wild TV show

PM Narendra Modi will be featuring in one of the upcoming episodes of Man vs Wild on Discovery Channel. In a released trailer of the series, PM Modi can be seen swimming into waters of the river inside Jim Corbett forest. In a statement released by Discovery, PM Modi stated, "For years, I have lived among nature, in the mountains and the forests. These years have a lasting impact on my life. So when I was asked about a special program focussing on life beyond politics and that too amid nature, I was both intrigued and inclined to take part in it". Src: https://bit.ly/2Y8XcHG

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I stand with @NarendraModi

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Sheela doesn't stand with @RadhikaApte @Sheela116745 29 Jul 2019 At 09:48 PM

‘you don’t have to beg them for money’: Radhika Apte opens up about the differences between Hollywood and Bollywood

Radhika Apte has successfully been a part of both Bollywood and Hollywood, the actress recently opened up about working in the Indian film industry and abroad. On being asked about how working in Hollywood is different from working in the Indian film and television industry Radhika pointed out on the differences and stated that, “People are very punctual there and they pay you on time. You don’t have to beg them for money”. The actress is ready for her next Hollywood project 'Liberte: A Call to Spy'. Src:https://bit.ly/2YeA2Qr

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Sheela doesn't stand with @AmanKiAsha @Sheela116745 29 Jul 2019 At 09:49 PM

Hindu temple reopens after 72 Years in Pakistan's Sialkot as a goodwill gesture

A 1,000-year old 'Shawala Teja Singh' Hindu temple located in Pakistan's Sialkot city was sealed for the last 72 years and has been now re-opened for people. Shawala Teja Singh Temple built by Sardar Teja Singh was closed during partition. Pakistan has decided to open the gates on 5 August, during the Hindu festival of Nag Panchami, for the first time since Partition in 1947. The temple had been governed by the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) in Pakistan. The step was taken on the direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan as a goodwill gesture. Src:https://bit.ly/2Motw2s

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I stand with @AmanKiAsha

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