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Shubhajeet Saha stand with @RajnathSingh @ShubhajeetSaha 16 Aug 2019 At 05:44 PM

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on ‘No First Use’ policy on nuclear weapons: Depends on circumstances

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday stated that India reserves the right to change its decades-long nuclear policy of ‘No First Use’. Singh, who was paying homage to former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on his first death anniversary, said that India had firmly stood by the ‘No First Use’ policy but “what happens in the future depends on circumstances”. 'No First Use' policy refers to a pledge made by India to not use nuclear weapons unless attacked by a nuclear enemy. Rajnath Singh’s comments come amid rising tensions with Pakistan post abrogation of Article 370. Do you think the Government should withdraw its 'No first Use' policy? Comment below. Src:https://bit.ly/2YSBZSH

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Shubhajeet Saha stand with @BalochActivist @ShubhajeetSaha 15 Aug 2019 At 04:49 PM

Baloch Separatists asks for India’s support to free Balochistan from Pakistan

The Baloch activists expressed their solidarity with Indians on the occasion of 73rd Independence day and said they need India’s help to free Balochistan from dominant Pakistan and it's military establishment. ”I want to wish my Indian brothers and sisters very happy Independence Day. The success they have made in the last 70 years makes India proud. Today, Indians are proud all around the world. We Balochs are thankful for their solidarity and help. We want them to raise their voice for a free Balochistan. We need their support. Thank you and Jai Hind", said Baloch activist, Atta Baloch. Src: https://bit.ly/2OVPFYM

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Shubhajeet Saha stand with @NitishKumar @ShubhajeetSaha 15 Aug 2019 At 04:50 PM

Liquor ban benefitted society: Nitish Kumar

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, while addressing the people on the occasion of the 73rd Independence Day, at the Gandhi Maidan in Bihar's Patna City, lauded the liquor ban imposed by his govt three years ago. Kumar stated, "We enforced liquor ban on the demand of women which benefitted the society as people were taken away from the bottle and engaged in productive work. Our four crore people from the state joined in the movement supporting the liquor ban". He further said that he strongly objects people saying that drinking liquor is a fundamental right and claimed that liquor is evil for society. Src: https://bit.ly/2MiFifp

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Shubhajeet Saha stand with @NarendraModi @ShubhajeetSaha 15 Aug 2019 At 12:47 PM

PM Modi in Independence Day speech: We ended the fear of triple talaq that haunts Muslim women

PM Narendra Modi in Independence Day speech said that his government took steps to help Muslim women stop living in fear by removing triple talaq.“The fear of triple talaq kept haunting Muslim women in our country, which is why we took the step to criminalize instant talaq. If we can remove Sati and take strong steps against female infanticide, child marriage, why can we not remove triple talaq,” he said. The Triple Talaq bill which came into force on August 1 attracts a jail term of three years for the husband. Src:https://bit.ly/2TI7DN

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I stand with @NarendraModi

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