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6 people who attended gathering at Mosque in Delhi, dies of Covid-19

Six people in Telangana died of Covid-19 after attending congregation at a mosque in Delhi's Nizamuddin. More than 2,000 delegates, including from Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan, attended the gathering of Tabligh-e-Jamaat - a Muslim religious organisation - from March 1 to 15. Around 1,400 people still continue to stay at the Jamaat's "Markaj" even after 21 days lockdown was imposed. More than 300 people who were a part of congregation have been taken to different hospital for Covid-19 test. Src: https://bit.ly/3bO81l9


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Stop talking nonsense: UP CM Yogi to Noida DM for failing to control COVID-19 in district

A video of a meeting on the COVID-19 situation has gone viral on social media in which Uttar Pradesh chief Minister Yogi Adityanath can be seen lashing out at the Noida District Magistrate BN Singh. In the video UP CM said, “Stop talking nonsense. You all have worsened the situation here with all this nonsense. Instead of fulfilling your responsibilities, you are passing the buck around.” Sixteen new Coronavirus positive cases were reported in UP on Monday, taking the total tally in the state to 88. Src: https://bit.ly/3bNLXHl

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Health Ministry says India is in local transmission, lockdown helped

While addressing a press conference, Indian Council of Medical Researcher Luv Agarawal informed that the country was in local transmission stage. He said if they use the word 'community' then there is speculation. He further said "In the lockdown stage we saw that it took us 12 days between 100 cases and 1,000 cases. In other countries, 3,000 -5,000 cases have been found. We have received some positive results due to social distancing". Src: https://bit.ly/3auOFB9

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Drones spray disinfectant for sanitisation amid COVID-19 spread in Andhra Pradesh

The Vijayawada Municipal Corporation team in Andhra Pradesh has started using drones for spraying Sodium Hypochlorite as part of sanitisation process in the wake of coronavirus pandemic across the state. The drones sprayed the disinfectant on all the streets as well as the rooftops. The BBMP is also using drones to spray disinfectants across the city. The total number of positive Coronavirus cases in the state is over 23. Src: https://bit.ly/2wOU7A3


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