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Srijan Majhi reacted Sad @SrijanMajhi 29 Jul 2019 At 01:12 PM

Madhya Pradesh: 6-year-old lost his life after friends pumped air into him through the rectum

Recently a bizarre act has happened in Indore, MP in which a 6-year-old boy named Kanha Yadav lost his life after his friend pumped air into his rectum by inserting a compressor. After the incident was known the boy was taken to a government hospital, Maharaja Yeshwantrao where he was declared dead. The father of the deceased said, “I have come to know that his friends pumped air into him through his mouth using an air compressor at the factory." Src: https://bit.ly/2YrrXTD


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Srijan Majhi doesn't stand with @GujaratPolice @SrijanMajhi 29 Jul 2019 At 01:13 PM

Gujarat: 2 policemen are suspended for TikTok video

Gujarat has seen 2 cases of TikTok video recently in which the police officers are suspended and facing investigations. In this list now one more case has been added. two police constable has been suspended for shooting and sharing a video over a social media app TikTok while on duty. An inquiry ordered by police commissioner Manoj Agarwal revealed that the constable Amit Pragji was driving the van and constable Nilesh Poonabhai was recording the video from a distance. Src: https://bit.ly/2YsHy5c

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Srijan Majhi stand with @PriyankaGandhi @SrijanMajhi 29 Jul 2019 At 01:13 PM

Unnao Road Accident: Priyanka Gandhi raises questions on CBI probe, BJP govt

After meeting with a car accident, the rape and now accident survivor Unnao and her relatives have accused the BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar as an 'attack planner'. Reacting to the accident the congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra took it to Twitter and raised a question of 'how far had the CBI probe in the Unnao rape case reached'. She not only just stood there but also slammed the BJP for not expelling the accused party member MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar. Continuing her attack, Priyanka Gandhi also asked in her tweet, "Without answers to these questions, can we expect justice from the BJP government?" Src: https://bit.ly/2yiCdD3

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Srijan Majhi stand with @StopChildAbuse @SrijanMajhi 29 Jul 2019 At 01:14 PM

Odisha: Teacher’s thrashing sends 7 primary school kids to the hospital

Recently a savage incident has been witnessed in Odisha’s tribal-dominated Nabarangpur district. A teacher named Jayantibala Bhatra has been accused of thrashing 7 primary school students so viciously that they had to be hospitalised immediately. The reason behind this brutal act is said to be the inability of students to pronounce the correct meaning of a word. The terror of the teacher was so mammoth that the kids were scared of telling about it to anyone. But 2 students who lived in a local village told their parents about the thrashing. Src: https://bit.ly/2MozfFa

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I stand with @StopChildAbuse

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