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Impact of Coronavirus on Economy will get better in Asia only after 1 year: Moody's

As the Coronavirus Pandemic has brutally impacted the travelling sector and lockdowns has led shutting down businesses in financially powerful nations like US & European countries, and seriously affected Asia, the chance of economic revival can be expected after one complete year. Moody's stated, "the virus has caused significant parts of the Asian and now European and US economies to all but shut down. More financial pain is coming as layoffs mount, businesses curtail investment, and retirement nest eggs evaporate". The Central banks are also running out solutions as interest rates are hitting zero. Src:

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Man in Bengaluru hangs himself to death after losses in business

A man in Bengaluru hanged himself to death at a hotel room after he repeatedly faced financial losses in his business. The man was identified as VK Mohan and even recorded a video message before ending life. The video showed an account of the financial struggles faced by Mohan. The incident came to light when the hotel staff knocked on his door but no response came from his side. Src:


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Clapping won't help daily wagers, give financial help: Rahul Gandhi to govt on COVID-19

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, in tweet yesterday commented on PM Modi’s request to clap hands and on the day of Janata Curfew at 5 pm and said that small and medium businesses and daily wage earners are the worst hit. Clapping won't help them. Only a massive economic package that includes direct cash transfers, tax breaks and a moratorium on loan repayments will. Gandhi also cited measures taken by other countries as well as stimulus packages announced by them to boost the economy and various sectors affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Src:

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Small businessmen & daily wage labourers need economic help not clapping: Rahul Gandhi

In the midst of the country's COVID-19 outbreak, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, on his Twitter handle, said that COVID-19 has targeted the fragile economy of the country, and the most affected have been the small, medium-sized businessmen and daily wage labourers. Gandhi further said they won't be helped by clapping for those people. Rather, they need a big economic package including cash assistance, tax cuts, and debt reduction. This comes after PM Modi on Thursday, said that every citizen should stand on their doorsteps, balconies, windows at 17:00 IST on March 22 and keep clapping hands and ringing the bells for 5 minutes to salute and encourage them. Src:

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