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Don't stand for 5 min to honour me, instead take responsibility of a poor family: PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi today tweeted that it has been brought to his attention that some people are campaigning to honour him by standing for five minutes. He further appealed in the tweet, "If you really have so much love and want to honour Modi then take the responsibility of a poor family during the Coronavirus crisis. There can be no greater honour for me than this.” Src:

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China urges India to not call COVID-19 as China virus

The Foreign Minister Wang Yi from China told counterpart S Jaishankar on a phone call that China hopes that India doesn't refer COVID-19 as 'China virus'. It conveys narrowness of thoughts and is detrimental to International cooperation, Wang added. The infection was first reported in Wuhan, China but it isn't proved that virus was originated from there. Chinese diplomats have led a worldwide campaign to convince governments across world to not use the 'China virus' phrase. Src:

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3 Naxals surrender in Chhattisgarh's Sukma district

Three Naxals including a woman have surrendered to police and CRPF officials in the Sukma district of Chhattisgarh. The Naxals surrendered on March 13 according to media reports. According to a senior police officer, the CRPF and police are carrying out a campaign against the state's Naxals. The officer further said that many Naxals have surrendered themselves earlier as well. On the empty Maoist philosophy, the surrendered Naxals expressed disappointment. They added that they are impressed with the surrender and rehabilitation of the state govt. Src:


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