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nishant reacted Sad @nishant88399 29 May 2019 At 09:13 AM

Schools, colleges remain closed in Kashmir valley, after Zakir Musa killing

After the killing of Zakir Musa, the leader of an al-Qaeda, Kashmiri people have shown a bitter protest. They have thrown stones towards security forces. Because of this the Kashmir valley is yet closed including schools and colleges. Further Kashmir University (KU) has decided to postpone its examinations, while Islamic University of Science and Technology (SKUAST) has closed down the campus for the day.


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nishant doesn't stand with @RahulGandhi @nishant88399 29 May 2019 At 09:13 AM

"Institutions build by Nehru helped democracy survive in India for over 70 yrs" - Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi, praised India's first PM Jawaharlal Nehru said, "Many democratic nations as young as India, soon degenerated into dictatorships. On Jawaharlal Nehru Ji's death anniversary, let us remember his contribution in building strong, independence, modern institutions, that have helped democracy survive in India for over 70 years". Under the tutelage of Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru emerged as an eminent leader of the Indian independence movement and served India as PM from its establishment as an independent nation in 1947 until his death on May 27, 1964.

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nishant reacted Sad @nishant88399 29 May 2019 At 09:13 AM

A Man in Bijar is killed for his ‘Muslim name’

On Sunday, Mohd. Qasim, A Muslim boy was shot at in Begusarai district of Bihar after he was asked his name. Qasim, son of Aghanu Mia, was shot at in Kumbhi village by Rajiv Yadav of the same village. Mr. Qasim in a viral video said that “I was stopped by Rajiv Yadav and he asked me my name…when I told him my name he fired at me and said you should go to Pakistan.”


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nishant reacted Sad @nishant88399 29 May 2019 At 09:14 AM

Two Bikers left the Bag containing 1.5 Crore Rupees

Two Bikers have left a bag containing a huge amount of money in the open street of Varadhapuram, in the early hours. According to official reports, at around 1 am two bikers crossed the area in Erikarai Street, Varadhapuram, and dropped the bag on the road. When the patrolling policeman saw them, they sped away. Official sources have mentioned that the amount is nearly 1.5 cr.


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